Family of Gwen David Cunningham & Dale Cunningham
Gwendolyn M. Cunningham
The genealogical work presented here is that relating to my mother Barbara Heloise Dunlop David. It consists of the family lines of her father Harry Edward Dunlop and her mother Emilie Marie Wilhelmine Hetzler Dunlop.

The information on her mother's lines was primarily worked on in the 1980s and that of her father's lines was begun in earnest in 2007. This whole project is unfinished and is a work in process but I have decided to post it anyway. The format I have decided to use for sourcing the information is to type the relevant sections of the source document into the notes section of the Reunion software instead of just citing the sources. So, when you are looking at the notes for a particular person you will see all of the relevant census records, vital records, newspaper clippings, immigration and naturalization documents etc. which reveal where I found the information. You won't have to look for the original documents, the transcription will be right there and you can be confident that the information I have posted is based on fact. The above described method of formatting the sources has been applied to the work done recently for the Dunlop and Fraser lines.

I have researched the complete families as far as I have been able.’s family trees have served as a useful guide in some cases. In some instances, while reading the old newspapers from Canada, I have extracted news items relating to the families into which the Dunlops/ Frasers married. I have tried to present a complete picture of their extended families and the environment in which they lived. Our Dunlops descended from Thomas Dunlop and Margaret Cowan, the original Scottish immigrants, who for the most part stayed in the Orillia area for only one generation and then their descendants moved to other places in Canada or to the United States. However, I have found that the Orillia Packet newspaper was a good source for information about people who had moved away, sort of a focal point. The newspaper also printed a great many historical articles about Simcoe County's origins and reminiscences by early pioneers.

I am presenting the information about my grandmother "Millie" Hetzler Dunlop at this time without bringing it up to the format standard I have decided to use for the Dunlops. I will do it but it will be some time before it is completed.

As I continue to work on this project I will post revisions and number them: version A, etc with the date submitted.

Lastly, If you can add information about any of the families contained herein please contact me at so I can include it on this site.
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