1. Personal knowledge of Gladys Grace Gillespie Cunningham Giffen or her mother Melissa Grace Grabast Gillespie Whitlock.
2. Old piece of paper given to me by Auntie Margie Dunlop Ronkette that came from her dad that on one side had the names of Alexander and Mary Jane Dunlop with their marriage date and on the other side listed all of their children and birth dates and in some instances their christenings and death dates. The paper has been deacidified and encapsulated in mylar.
3. Microfilmed copy of the registers of St. John's Lutheran Church of Canton, Lewis County, Missouri obtained from Concordia Historical Institute Department of Archives and History-The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod-801 DeMun Ave. St. Louis, Missoouri 63105.
4. Certified copy of birth/christening entry from the Evang. Churchbook of Sachsenberg prepared by the resident minister in 1976.
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6. Information extracted by Erich Mees in 1991 from the Evang. Churchbook of Muenden. Sent to Gwen by Gerry Cizmar a descendant of Johann Daniel Leser and Gueden Elisabeth Vesper who lives at 3311 Oyster Cove, Mo. City, Tx. 77459.
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19. Informantion obtained from Gerry Cizmar of 3311 Oyster Cove, Missouri City, Tx. 77459.She is a native of Muenden and has contact with several people there who do work for her and supply her with lineage books published by the various towns in Waldeck as well as research they have done themselves. Her sources include the records from the Evangelical churches of Rhadern, Bergheim and other towns in Waldeck.
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74. Information supplied by James L Wilson, grandson of Laughlin Woodrow and Lizzie Stewart Woodrow through Margaret Jane Woodrow.. He resides in 1999, at 29 Cheshire Road, Bethpage, NY 11714. He obtained his information from the Woodrow family Bible in Drumra of which he sent me a photocopy. Death records he obtained from Joyce House in Dublin, Ireland or from inscription on the original Woodrow headstone located in the churchyard of Portglenone Parish Church, Church of Ireland. Death records also from the Portglenone Parish Church Burial Record Book. The Portglenone church information was supplied by Samuel Woodrow, son of George Stewart Woodrow in a letter dated July 28, 1994.
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77. Personal knowledge of Fenton Cunningham or his mother Cora Lillian Collins.
78. Transcript of Smith Cemetery, Linn County, MO Established about 1847. Compiled by Neil S. Smith, 3315 Appalachian Dr., Columbia, MO 65203. The cemetery is located in Jackson Township in S23 T60 R21 on 40 acres originally patented by Robert Smyth on July 1, 1848.
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